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A Daughter I’ve Never Had 🥀

I know that recently I’ve made you sad
By forcing you to open up, I made you mad
What more can I say, I get it, I understand
You downplay my care because I’m not your dad
But you’re like a daughter that I’ve never had
I know you experienced a change that went bad
But I wanted to help bring change, you wasn’t glad

All I wanted is for your lifestyle to improve
Am I invading your privacy? Well I’m sorry to intrude
I wanted to make sure that your happiness includes
Your family, but you don’t know of its importance
I wanted you to trust me as if I’m your life insurance
But you don’t want to be saved nor told when to eat
You just want to be left alone with your bed to sleep

It’s true I see myself in you
It’s like seeing myself split in two
I just want us to merge together
That way you know I’m here forever
I want to show you how much you mean to me
Funny you don’t trust me but I’m sworn to secrecy
My beautiful niece I want you to have peace
We can fight this together so that you’re at ease
Please understand that you mean a lot to me
I want to see you glow as if you’ve won the lottery

As your last resort
I’ll be here when you’re at your lowest
Just don’t downplay progress even at its slowest
I’m trying but when I give advice.. you pay no heed
Your emotions spiral out of control like a nosebleed
I want to make you better but you rather ghost me
I thought that I could be your medication 💊
To help you heal and seek for me without hesitation
But now I understand why you cannot relax
Because this medication has caused you to relapse
The side effects are showing, and I am to blame
I wanted to be the uncle who took away your pain

And made things work.

I only wanted to show you that your future is bright.

Copyright © Jeadi N’Silu, 2021


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