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My perspective on ideas are: ideas create opportunities and are a stepping stone to success. I liken it to playing the lottery because everyone wants to be creative but not all will hit the jackpot 💡. With that being said it is important that you start working on your idea because if you procrastinate, then someone else will fulfil its purpose as they work on it. You cannot bury ideas as it has the tendency to re-emerge in different minds, and the worst thing is to see someone else capitalise on an idea you once had.

Once an idea sets, the next step is to put a plan in motion. To put pen to paper, as if you are laying out a blueprint. Starting a new project is almost as exciting as women announcing their pregnancy. You want people to be just as excited as you are but not everyone will be rooting for you. I have up to at least 5 friends who I can tell about my project(s), however I would rather keep it to myself and focus on the task at hand. Personally, now when it comes to my project(s) I tend to work better knowing that I am not Tupac with all eyes on me.

Because I realised, from experience, that by telling everyone about my new project, I had inadvertently opened a can of worms. I found myself dealing with a lot of pressure, for instance having to update everyone via social media, to do with any progress on my project. And when progress was lacking, I would announce future dates to showcase something. In doing so, more pressure piled on as I had given myself unnecessary deadlines. I was working against the clock and that was daunting as well as stressful.

I was all ready demotivated because who am I trying to please? Do people need to know about my new project prematurely? Must I make myself the focal point? They say actions speak louder than words and there was nothing to show for it. Just know that these public announcements we make will not filter out the haters from the supporters, so there is no telling which side of the fence people are sitting on. Regarding haters, we cannot tell everyone and then hope, for haters, it falls on deaf ears.

Haters are as much interested, in your project, as your supporters are. They will spend their time trying to sabotage your project. A lot of people are familiar with the art of deception, you can have someone be on your side of the fence but be the enemy of progress. A lot of us spend more time telling everyone about a new project but never finishing it.

This is why it is important that we be mindful, and most importantly we protect our mental health. Because projects are no small fishes, entails a lot of strenuous tasks and you could encounter setbacks. Now imagine knowing that you have told everyone about this project, people are anticipating and you are stressed and depressed because you feel like you are failing.

To an extent it is irresponsible of us to announce our good news to everyone, take me for example, there had been countless times I told everyone about my projects and it all ended up shelved/cancelled. I get laughed at, especially those who are closest to me. You know the saying, “those closest to you are the ones that hurt you the most” but being laughed at did not break me, it just boosted morale. I had to sit and reflect, to understand my own undoing and what I can do differently next time.

So here is next time, right now, I have started to publish my writings. I hope to improve all the time and to attract readers to my work. I believe in my craft and I feel that it is good enough to share with the world. I am working in silence as though I am in a library. I am getting the work done without making a scene, without announcing anything to the world prematurely. I am setting targets and working toward hitting the bullseye 🎯.

You are more than capable of finishing a project, just do not put yourself under immense pressure by telling everyone about a project you have yet to start. You cannot filter out the haters from the supporters and if you base your project around pleasing people then you have failed before you have started. You cannot please everyone, so think about your mental health, think about having peace and focus, think about working on your project quietly without looking over your shoulder.

We do a lot of talking and this is why we are taken for fools. Always talking about a project but never finishing it, so frequent to the point where we are seen as the boy who cried wolf. Because the day we do achieve, no one will believe. I am the boy who cried wolf, I do not want to be that person anymore. That person whose words speak louder than their actions. This is all part of my personal growth and when I do achieve, people will not believe because they are used to seeing me underachieve.

But we shall succeed.

Copyright © Jeadi N’Silu, 2021


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