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I’ve given myself a voice on this platform. I’ve opened an Instagram and Twitter account to act as comrades to my WordPress account. I am using this opportunity to speak my truth and to welcome readers on board to my personal growth journey. I want to encourage people to also take their journey and not shy away from their flaws or imperfections.

It doesn’t matter if you publicise it or not, take your journey and be honest with yourself because the truth sets us free. Ask yourself this, how are you meant to thrive in your journey if you will not acknowledge your weaknesses? The flaws in your character, how can you be the best version of yourself if you are in denial?

The question is why are you in denial? The truth only hurts when it works against us. Of course, when in denial, it’s unpleasant to hear others speak about our flaws. That’s why the elephant in the room is hearing your truth come from another mouth. Some would get defensive and blatantly deny their truth for different reasons. Sometimes people will weaponise your truth and use it against you.

But if you acknowledge the flaws in your character, if you acknowledge your truth then no weapon formed against you shall prosper. No one can turn your truth into a weapon and then attack you. The purpose of acknowledging your flaws is so that you can learn to do better, be better and to improve in life. This is part of the personal growth journey.

I don’t condone any truth that are said out of spite, but again CONTEXT is everything. In my journey to bettering myself, I am teaching myself to own my wrongs and to be accountable. I work endlessly to right my wrongs, and it’s not easy at all because a lot of things in my character is going through the process of unlearning.

With that being said I want to be a positive influence to others, so it is important that I speak my mind in hope that people will guide me if they feel that I’m lacking knowledge. I love interacting with people and can speak on literally anything. As long as it’s informative and we are learning in the process.

This platform is called Real Talk, No Capping because, in slang terms, to ‘cap’ means to lie and the purpose of this site is to keep it real, to keep it 💯 and be honest in everything I choose to write about. Whether it upsets me or not, the purpose is to be truthful. People out there need to understand the beauty in personal growth.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so those who aren’t ready, those who don’t care, those who don’t see the importance of it will not recognise its beauty. And that’s okay because it’s not obligatory to recognise its significance.

Copyright © Jeadi N’Silu, 2021

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