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Personal growth is about envisioning your future self, to be who you want to become. To witness in real time your transition from 0 to 💯. The thought of personal growth seems like an intense workout plan, it isn’t for the weak as it entails channelling your inner self and self-honesty. I cannot do the former if the latter is a hard pill to swallow. 💊🤕

When I say personal growth isn’t for the weak, I mean that you have to prepare yourself for the journey. You don’t know what you might encounter, so be sure to come equipped with hope, determination, commitment and perseverance. If religious, wear your armour of faith. These equipments listed are tools and those tools are stored inside a toolbox called BELIEF. 🛠 🧰

I understand that there are different reasons why people don’t believe in themselves and usually it’s because of bad experiences from their past. But if you don’t believe in yourself then who will? People can believe in you but it means nothing if you don’t believe in yourself too. Don’t be the anchor, don’t immobilise yourself and expect others to invest their time in freeing you.

The purpose of my journey is to better myself and to maximise potential. One thing I made a habit of doing is I would reiterate that I need to FOCUS on learning from my mistakes. Reason for the emphasis on ‘focus’ is because I tend to make the same mistakes. Thus I have identified self-awareness as an area for improvement.

Mistakes will be made so I shouldn’t be discouraged, mistakes are part of the learning process. And the only way I’ll know if a valuable lesson has been learned is when the mistake is no longer repeated. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” therefore building character will require time, work and patience.

Personal growth isn’t a sprint but a marathon.

Copyright © Jeadi N’Silu, 2021


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